DLD Awareness Day – 15th October 2021

When and how did you use your communication skills today? Some of the things on my list are:

  • Buying a ticket at the station and working out how to get to a new school
  • Sending texts and emails
  • Talking to my family – sharing news and stories
  • Asking for help to reach something in the supermarket
  • Writing my shopping list and planning what we are eating this week
  • Sharing reports and information for the schools and families I work with
Helen Wilson Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist (DLD) and South Locality Manager

The list goes on …

Today is DLD Awareness Day, where Speech and Language Therapists all work to raise awareness of this little known condition.

DLD, or Developmental Language Disorder, affects around 14% of children, which is equivalent to about 2 children in every class of 30. It is a lifelong condition affecting children and young people’s understanding and ability to use language, and it can impact on lots of other areas of life, including mental health and wellbeing, their behaviour, their social interaction and their learning. But lots of people have never heard of it!

Speech and Language Therapy in Hackney work with children and young people with DLD, their families and other professionals such as school staff to support them both with their language and communication skills, and to make sure they develop the life skills they need, now and for adulthood.

Have a look at the video below to find out more about DLD and how you can support someone:

And if you know someone who finds it difficult to understand and use language, have a look at our DLD Leaflet for more information, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and speak to your Link SaLT (Speech and Language Therapist).