Getting ready for school

Transitioning to Reception is a big change for your child, and there are lots of fun activities you can do at home to help your child prepare.


Have a Chat.

Talk with your child about their new school often so that they can get used to the idea and learn more about what to expect. You could talk to your child about what is likely to happen in their school day and explore how they are feeling about it. Use visuals to support your conversation.

Take a walk.

Walk past your child’s new school as often as you can over the summer holidays so your child is familiar with the building and playground. Look through the gates and see what you can see!  


Take the register.

Taking the register may be a new experience for your child. Practice this at home with your child; you could even get their siblings or toys involved as the rest of the class!

Teach your child school vocabulary.

In school there are words your child may not be familiar yet. Pre-teach this vocabulary to your child to help them follow instructions and understand the routine. For example: assembly; P.E.; playtime; story time; lunchtime; book bag; monitors; corridor; staff room; office; packed lunch;  literacy;  maths;  headteacher. Look at pictures online to help your child understand these new words.


Learn the new school rules.

School may have different rules or expectations than your child’s nursery. It may be a good idea to practice them. For example: putting your hand up; sitting cross legged; good looking; good listening; good sitting; good talking.


Write a social story or make a transition book.

Your child may benefit from a Social Story or Transition Book with photographs of their new school and key staff. Speak to your child’s Speech and Language Therapist if you would like support with writing a Social Story.

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