A commitment to training and developing the next generation of SLTs is integral to the Hackney SLT service.  The service works in partnership with higher education institutions who are responsible for training SLTs; particularly University College London and City University .

Qualified and suitably experienced SLTs who are employed in Hackney have taken up opportunities to be seconded part-time to the universities to work as Clinical Tutors.  This includes overseeing student placements across London, lecturing, marking and engaging in clinically based research.

The Hackney SLT service welcomes approximately 100 under- and post-graduate SLT students for clinical placement annually.  As a body, SLT students are typically highly motivated and all their work is effectively supervised so that they add value to existing services.

Qualified SLTs employed by the Hackney SLT service are encouraged to maintain and update their professional skills through undertaking further study (including Clinical Masters modules / degrees) and participating in clinical research.  All qualified SLTs in Hackney contribute to supervising SLT student placements.

Partnership work with higher education institutions contributes to ensuring that services delivered by Hackney SLT are evidence based and up to date.